Project Spotlight

College Football Playoff

President Jason W. Taylor and Executive Director
of the CFP, Bill Hancock.

The new College Football Playoff system rewarded fans, the media, and teams with a road to a true championship. There were many great challenges behind the scenes for implementing this new system and being embraced by the public. First and foremost was the development of a custom software application that is secure, reliable, and in all honesty, technically perfect.

Code Authority is a national leader in custom software development and technology. We have expertise in complex engineered software design, development, and topology challenges and we do not use any off shore labor. These are some of reason the College Football Playoff selected Code Authority, through a blind vendor selection process, to build their proprietary committee meeting platform.

The beauty behind that system is that from a fan’s perspective, it seems easy. Once a week you turn on ESPN, get online, or even read the paper and there it is, the CFP top 25. But behind the scenes a complex multi-day process takes place. There is a strict voting protocol the committee has to follow which is managed by a moderator and the data from the previous day has to be kept completely secure. No longer are votes tallied on a whiteboard or written on a notepad. The College Football Playoff selection process uses a specialized, ultra-modern solution built and maintained by Code Authority Custom Software to securely manage the entire process.

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