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Houston Office 365 Migration Requires a Careful Plan – We Just Happen to Have One

Code Authority has long been known as a leader in Dallas, Texas and nationwide Internet technology solutions for small to medium-sized businesses of all types. And when it comes to cloud migration, we can provide the comprehensive planning your company needs for seamless migration when we become your exceptional Office 365 Migration Partner. And we're excited to announce our new office in Houston to assist you with everything Office 365.

Office 365 was first introduced by Microsoft in July of 2011, and we immediately fine tuned a laser-like focus on what we instinctively knew would quickly assume a leading role in cloud migration. And just as we had predicted, countless industry professionals now describe Office 365 as the new standard for optimal business productivity.

What Does Office 365 Migration Offer to Your Company? Just Everything You’d Ever Hoped For

MS Office 365 offers unrivaled migration to the cloud from POP3, IMAP, and other hosted or on-premises MS Exchange Systems. Office 365 hosting uses both Office 2010 and Office 2013 in desktop or remote server applications for Exchange E-mail, SharePoint collaboration and Lync Instant Messaging.

What the above means to your Houston business is the most up-to-date data backup and multi-user shared access to your company’s full, on-premises computing power via a wide selection of mobile devices – anywhere and anytime. Consider just a few of Office 365’s many advantages:

  • Cost Effective - With no upfront Microsoft fees and low monthly rates, Office 365 Mirgration is affordable for any business and offers increased ROI
  • Real-Time E-mail an Data Access No Matter What Time It Is - With three (hypothetical) time zones involved when accessing a lone business document in the cloud – using a single repository for all data means everyone can work together
  • Selective Data Migration - Depending on your business’ distinctly unique needs, your Houston Office 365 Migration Partner will help you to decide exactly what you need and don’t need to send to the cloud
  • Ultra-Safe and Secure - With globally redundant backups, comprehensive privacy features and robust data recovery, MS Office 365 offers true peace of mind security and so much more

Take Advantage of Our Special Offer of a “Free” Office 365 Migration Partner Consultation for All New Houston SEO Clients

No online marketing campaign is complete without expert and effective SEO. And when you choose our leading website optimization you’ll receive an absolutely no cost or obligation Office 365 Migration Partner consultation. Contact Code Authority to learn more about your Houston business’ “first class” flight to the Cloud!

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