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Windows Phone Steps into the Limelight – Now Choose a Leading Windows Phone Developer to Make it Shine

Never known as a company to stand in another Web technology firm’s shadow for long, Microsoft stepped boldly into the mobile platform light with the 2010 introduction of its Windows Phone 7 Operating System (OS) and has since moved to Windows Phone 8. Years of planning and cutting-edge design combined to create a powerful and extraordinarily agile mobile platform that had been anxiously awaited by consumers and app designers alike.

The waiting is long over, and the leading Houston Windows Phone developer specialists at Code Authority are now expertly acquainted with a “very” smart phone and strong competitor in what is now a three-way race to the top of the mobile platform market. And as we all know, Microsoft is always “in it to win it” as proven by its exciting and Windows-Phone-developer-friendly OS that features:

  • Microsoft Compatibility and Unique Capabilities - Simply enter your Windows Live ID and your phone instantly loads all your contacts and personal customizations – now enjoy Windows phone development features that uniquely include a mobile-customized version of Windows Office, as well as the industry’s only Xbox Live integration
  • Instant Social Network Connectivity - In a world where everyone wants to stay in touch, another unique, Windows Phone development advance includes a one touch and instant connection to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Fast and Superior App Management - With the “Mango” update, Windows Phone users can quickly navigate between five separate apps simply by pressing and holding down the back button
  • Live Tiles for Fast Navigation - Every Windows Phone developer praises the mobile device’s always “Live Tiles” that, unlike static icons, instantly take you where you want to go
  • A Windows-Phone-Developer-Friendly Mobile Platform - Microsoft’s dynamic OS offers exceptional Windows Phone development ease of app design, which means inspired and highly advanced applications will enjoy nearly exponential growth

Houston Windows Phone Developer That Will Make the Most of Your Phone’s Ultra-High IQ

For business or pleasure, to benefit from the nearly countless advantages of your Windows Phone, Code Authority is a leading Houston Web technology and custom software company that has your smart phone solutions. Located just north of Dallas in Frisco, Texas, we serve clients nationwide and in Houston, and our Windows Phone development team truly is second to none. Contact us to learn how we can transform your smart phone into a “virtual genius”!

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